These are sky charts for Barbados on the 26 December 2006... they have little application elsewhere... but of course the objects are glorious and may be viewed from anywhere.... a small telescope (I use an 80mm refractor for portability and ease of setup) or binoculars...

I suggest a small instrument... because who feels like doing a major setup at 4a.m. ?... and by the time all the bits and pieces are in place and you have done alignment the sun is already up !

Even at night... IF the sky is clear.... you want to take a peep quickly.... you may not have time for a lengthy setup.... and unless the night is exceptional (which is very rare these days).... by the time you haul out you bits and pieces and get aligned... lo and behold CLOUDS all over the sky (where did they come from so fast ?)... you have no idea, how fast they can spoil your plan.

I have a large telescope.. and it gets used maybe 5 times a year... I have the small one and it gets used several times a week !

So unless you are building an observatory.... complete with power motors to move the roof... do yourself a big favor and get a SMALL telescope... I will put up a page with advice on picking one soon... until then be patient.

Looking NORTH

Looking SOUTH


Looking UP (directly overhead)

© copyright 2006 Stephen E. Mendes, Barbados.